Mothership Coffee & Commons seeks to be a showcase of South Dakota roasters. We currently source our coffee from eight different roasters across the state. By supporting small business and local talent we hope to create an economy that is sustainable for independent roasters to do what they do best, make great coffee.

Cherrybean Coffee Co - Parker, SD


Shawn and Jennifer enjoy rural living where life isn't so fast paced and neighbors are friends. Shawn grew up in Kansas and Jennifer was born and raised in Marion, SD. Shawn is a full-time farmer and Jennifer is a full-time momma to three beautiful little girls. Together, they roast, package and deliver Cherrybean coffee.

Pure Bean - Rapid City, SD


Mark Royalty and Nick Reid started Pure Bean roasters out of Mark’s garage in 2013. The company was birthed out of their  passion for quality coffee and to show the  coffee world the excellent results that can  come from fine air-roasted beans. From the  first batch, the craft of roasting was  continually perfected and the level of quality  has been raised to a point that few people have experienced with true air-roasted beans.


Each bag of coffee is freshly roasted to exact specifications, leaving you with a smooth, balanced, perfect cup every time and, because of the effects of convection heat in the roasting process, the acids that often lead to upset stomach are greatly reduced. High quality beans and the perfect roast mean an outstanding cup of coffee.

Dark Canyon Coffee Company - Rapid City, SD


Dark Canyon Coffee Company deeply appreciates the hands-on nature of bringing you specialty coffees from around the world. As you drink our coffees, envision the farmer growing the bean from nursery to planting, from picking to processing. The coffees are then purchased by a broker committed to bringing the finest coffees to small roasters like us, while ensuring that farmers get a fair price and the land and environment are respected in the process. Here at Dark Canyon Coffee, the coffee is further treated with individual care by our Roastmaster of many years, who's spent time and energy developing each blend and roast to its finest result. And delights us to have the region's best coffee shops, restaurants, cafes and stores serving and selling our coffees.

In addition to supporting South Dakota Roasters we are proud to source our bakery items from BakeWorks of Rapid City, SD

BakeWorks is part of the Black Hills Works family, a community of people with disabilities where everyone participates to achieve a life of purpose and potential.  BakeWorks serves up the opportunity to learn food preparation and customer service skills in a real-life work setting.  From baking pastries and decorating cupcakes to preparing sandwiches and coffee, every aspect is an opportunity for our employees to grow while also providing our customers with delicious products and the best smiles in Rapid City.  BakeWorks is more than a job for the people we support, it's a career made from scratch.

601 Kansas City St

Rapid City, SD 57701



Hours: 7 Days / 6:30am - 2pm

McCarville Coffee Roasters - Bonesteel South Dakota


McCarville Coffee Roasters is a small independently owned and operated coffee roaster located in beautiful rural South Dakota. We LOVE coffee. With a small budget and big ambitions we invested in our passion. It’s simple, we strive to provide the best tasting coffee in the area. We focus on the joy of black coffee. We offer a very popular smooth blended breakfast blend that utilizes Guatemalan and Colombian beans. However we also offer a fuller flavored Honduras bean that has almost a caramel like finish. Our Costa Rican is a cleaner but robust and district rich flavor while or most popular is the staple Brazilian light roasted coffee.

Cottonwood Roasting - Brookings, South Dakota


Cottonwood Roasting is located in downtown Brookings, South Dakota.  It is the mission of Cottonwood Roasting to provide casual coffee consumers access to world class coffee at reasonable prices while embodying classic Midwestern traits of integrity, humility and value.  Through careful sourcing, we are able to bring our customers the best coffees in the world, precisely roasted on the prairie.

Essence of Coffee - Rapid City, SD


With a clear objective to provide ‘great coffee in a casual atmosphere’ our family business began in 2007 with Café 54 in Perth, Australia. Our passion for specialty coffee demanded a commitment to knowledge and skills that ultimately led us to roasting. Michael and Dale Fewson, father and son in partnership, travelled to the USA to learn all they could about roasting. With professional training by a leading specialty coffee roaster and Q-grader, Mané Alves, they returned to Australia and began roasting in earnest.


As any world-class chefs will tell you, a culinary masterpiece begins with the quality and freshness of ingredients. At Essence of Coffee we source only Arabica varietals, grown in the most exacting conditions. We predominantly choose micro-lot coffees featuring exceptional taste profiles identified by Q-grade standards to be higher than 85.

The Breaks - Sioux Falls, SD


The Breaks Is a locally-owned small batch coffee roasting company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that is committed to bringing freshly roasted high-quality Arabica coffee to our neighborhood and beyond. We are committed to using responsibly-sourced green beans, we aim to highlight every aspect of the coffee experience. From the artful science of roasting, to the craft of brewing and experience of tasting, we want to share with you this daily ritual of coffee, because…Damn, coffee is delicious.

7 Star Coffee Roasters - Hudson, South Dakota


7 Star Coffee Roasters selects only the finest quality, handpicked, specialty grade coffee beans from around the world. We work with importers to carefully select unique and interesting green coffees from some of the top farms and co-ops in the world. Starting with the best coffee beans leads to the best cup possible.


We strive for excellence in all that we do, from the expertise in handpicking coffee cherries, through the methods of processing, milling, storage, shipment, and roasting, we strive to produce the best coffee possible.